National Flora & Fauna

The Royal Government of Bhutan, in November 1985, declared the following species of tree, animal and bird as National Animal, National Bird, and National tree of Bhutan:

National Bird: Raven

Scientific Name: Corvus corax, Dzongkha Name: Oro
The Ravens face is the crown of the Druk Gyalpo (King) is a representation of Laygoan Jarog Dongchen who, along with Pal Yeshey Goenpo (Mahakala) & Palden Lhamo (Mahakali) constitute the Divine Trinity which perpetually safeguards the well-being of the Kingdom and protects the king and subjects from adversity.

National Animal: Takin

Scientific Name: Burdorcas taxicolar, Dzongkha Name: Donggemtshey
The Takin is a unique, quite heavy and bulky. It is found in areas around Laya & Lingshi, and other northern parts of bhutan. It lives in the steepest and most thickly wooded vegetation. In summer months, it moves to the high mountain reaches and collects in herds of considerable size, but in winter months they come down to the thickly wooded vegetation. Bhutan can claim to be the last refuge for Takin in their natural and unspoiled habitat.

National Tree: Cypress

Scientific Name: Cupressus Corneyana, Ssyn.C.himalacia, Dzongkha Name: Tshenden-Shing
Cypress is found in the temperate climate zone, between 1800 and 3500 metres altitude. It has religious connotations. It is quite strong and tall with a clean bole and grows even on rocky areas. Its capacity to survive on such rugged harsh terrain is compared to that of the Bhutanese people in their bravery and simplicity.

National Flower: Blue Poppy

Scientific Name: Meconopsis Grandis, Dzongkha Name: Tsher-Ngeon
The National Flower grows freely in alpine meadows. Hairy bristles cover the leaves and stems to protect the plant from the fierce mountain winds.

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